Beginner’s Guide: – 10 Ways You Can Make Money For Tomorrow’s Rent

money for rent

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If you’re having a tough week financially and need to find some cash fast, there are a few things you can do which won’t take a lot of time, and can be done for people you know, or even friends of friends. You can offer your services or items online through websites that specialize in that, or even jump on Facebook, Twitter or other social websites and let your friends know what you are willing to do and for how much.

1.)   Sell some of your things – you could list them online or take them into a second hand consignment store. Or if you prepare a little you could have a garage sale. Try places like eBay, Craigslist, Gumtree (UK), or even many local classified newspapers offer free listings on certain days or under certain amounts.

2.)   Mow someone’s lawn – If you have a lawn mower and whipper snipper/edger you could easily make $30 – $60 mowing someone’s lawn. It is a bit of physical work, but is great exercise at the same time as making money.

3.)   Babysit – You could offer to babysit someone’s children for $10 – $20 an hour. How much you charge can vary depending on how long you are looking after the children as well as how many there are.

4.)   Ironing – Lots of people hate doing it and some weeks there seems to be no time. Most people who iron professionally get fairly booked with regulars. You could do a basket for a friend for $20 as a casual thing, instead of doing it as a regular business.

5.)   Busking – [also known as Street Performing] If you have a talent such as making balloon animals, magic tricks or something similar, if laws allow where you are you could busk in a busy area. Be prepared to work long and hard as many people watch, but not everyone tips.

6.)   Cleaning – you can charge per job such as $50 for an oven, or charge $20 per hour. You just need a few basic cleaning supplies such as scrubbing brushes, cloths, bleach and multi-purpose cleaner.

7.)  Sell baked goods – Bake some cookies or cakes to sell to family and friends. Check the legalities in your area for selling food items from your home. If you are allowed to sell from your kitchen in your area, you could look at selling baked goods at a market. My mother did this with fruit pies, slices and homemade chocolates. She presented everything nicely in cellophane and sold out within 3 hours. She made a few hundred dollars too.

8.)   Sell from your garden – Pot up herbs or cut flowers from your garden to sell at markets, or pop a sign out the front of your house saying you have plants for sale. You could also put an ad online. You can possibly get spare plastic pots from nurseries or landscapers to use for potting up your seedlings. One salon I used to work at had a lady come every week with bunches of cut flowers from her garden for $10. She was very popular and always had a great variety. So think outside your immediate friends and family.

9.)   Odd jobs – things like cleaning out gutters, raking leaves, pulling weeds and the like that people don’t want to do can be quick and easy ways to make some money. The things that need to be done, but are often forgotten are great services to offer. You might get a little dirty, but the grosser a job is, the more you can usually charge.

10.)  Sell your services on – Fiverr is a site where you can post your services for sale for $5 ea.  It is up to you what you choose to offer, and you may need to promote yourself a little bit to actually make a sale. You could create blog buttons, do a little admin work or anything else easily done online. Have a look at the site for ideas.

So think outside the square a little, look at what equipment or tools you have at your disposal, as well as how much time, then go to work.

To get the word out that you are offering work this week you can use your own blog, if you have one, otherwise use Facebook, Twitter and other social media, as well as emailing or calling friends and family. Whilst the people you think of might not need the work, they might know someone who does, and be willing to pass your details along. Otherwise, put some flyers up around your community and deliver some in letterboxes.

If you don’t have the tools needed for some of the ideas, you could always see about borrowing them from friends and family.

Interested in becoming a self-employed? Learn how here.

Good luck My Friends!

To your success,

Jeremy Mandile

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